Services - Technical Writing

Morph has a proven and tested technical writing team, which liaises with client personnel in order to
ensure consistently high quality in terms of accuracy and comprehension by expected user groups.

To offer our clients a fuller range of service, we have our own Subject Matter Experts ( SME's ), who can collate and codify subject material as per clients' requirements.

Know us by our work

Other than quick turnaround times and accuracy of output, which are prerequisites, Morph also strives to ensure that :

  • It presents specific, often technically complex, knowledge, in an accessible and well-structured format.
  • Well-written pieces which will lead to positive responses by concerned target groups, who are then more likely to recommend that product in future.
  • Customer satisfaction, measured in terms of a reduction in support calls and product returns, increases significantly, with a commensurate goodwill windfall for both the product and its parent company.
  • Appropriate embedded animation apps in a given body of content.
  • Development of customized e-Learning training courses. These modules are SCORM/AICC compliant, adhere to section 508, and dovetail into pre - existing LMS/CMS systems.
  • Greater reach by extending content across the multiple digital platforms currently in service across the globe such as : iOS, Android, PDF, HTML, XHTML, Adobe Digital Editions, and ePub.

Morph News
  • Morph Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been selected for the 2012 Annecy International Animation Film Festival (AIAFF) in France, and is one of the few so favored from amongst 2374 entries received from 84 countries !!

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